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Organizations adopt their leaders’ characteristics, and confidence is the most important factor to drive productivity. Confident people try new ways to achieve their goals – and some of their efforts will pay-off, leading to higher performance. The same is true for employees who strive for self-improvement. It’s much easier to establish goals and measure progress along the way when you have a plan. People are naturally resistant to feedback because it’s often associated with criticism, but feedback makes us better.

Where confidence is combined with feedback seeking behavior you’ll see large performance gains. People who are afraid to try, improve at a slower rate. You can see evidence about this from job-seekers.

Few activities have a higher payoff than well-honed interview skills. An expert understanding and sound control over your personal brand, career management plan, career transition skills, and self-improvement goals have the power to expand your lifetime earnings many times over your peers who never develop those skills.

I have been a career transition and personal branding coach for >15 years and developed a one-day workshop to teach others how to know themselves; publish a resume; and conduct an interview. This work would be incomplete without a focus on Linkedin, Twitter, inbound marketing principles, SEO skills, the power of wordpress, volunteerism, and personal networking. These are topics I’ve written about and shared on this site. I hope my experience can help you in your search for the next great opportunity. “Start Something to Bend Your Line!”





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