Paul Laherty’s complete profile is available on LinkedIn. He was formerly Diio LLC’s, Vice President, sales and marketing. Diio is a market leading provider of business intelligence software for airlines and airports and a tClara partner. Paul helped airlines increase revenue and reduce costs through better forecasting, financial analysis and scenario modelling.

Prior to his role at Diio, he led corporate sales for Cornerstone Information Systems, developed Travelocity’s airline strategy, and ran the America’s Air and Hotel consulting teams at Advito. Paul started his corporate travel career with American Airlines where he managed teams in sales, marketing and finance including the global corporate contracts team. Paul also re-launched and transformed American’s business loyalty program, Business Extra, and introduced the first corporate loyalty credit card with American Express.

Paul served in the United States Army, as a Platoon Leader and Executive Officer (XO) in Military Police Companies in Korea and Fort Polk, Louisiana. He holds both an MBA and a BS from Indiana University. Paul lives in Southlake, Texas with his wife and two daughters and flies a Cherokee 140 as often as time allows. He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter @paul_laherty.

Presentations and Keynote Speeches:

Personal Branding & Your Digital Footprint – Accomplish Extraordinary Results:

The ingredients to triple your lifetime income.  Build a digital identity and improve your performance. Insights about SEO marketing principles, techniques and best-practices for personal and professional goal setting, feedback, and brand positioning. Along the way I’ll show you how to harness Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress, and other popular resources.

Dianne Bradley:

“To say your presentation was well received by our chapter today is a true understatement.  I have never experienced our chapter being as fully engaged as they were today.  It was a great mix of excellent, real life, actionable content, challenges that engaged all the participants at each table, sharing of participant ideas and recognition of those who engaged today as well as those that did so since last November…It was an exceptional program! If you want to do a repeat performance for our chapter at a meeting next year we would welcome you! Thank you again.”

Awesome Leaders Know How To Fire Anyone in Thirty Days:

Great leaders inspire employees along the performance spectrum, including the ends –  once you learn how to fire someone you can motivate anyone to soar. Imagine what you could accomplish if your team gave you twice as much effort without buying any software, paying for training, or hiring more people.

Loyalty Programs, Social Media, and Gamification:

The Web has created new winners and losers; social media applies crowd-sourced ratings to amplify positive or negative reviews and the new new thing spreads rapidly to communities that were accustomed to long delays before exposure (trends start in LA, London, and other music hubs, are later adopted by inland populations) – But timing is everything. No fancy metals>No jet engines; No flash memory>No iPods. Great leaps happen after the right conditions exist. When you design a program to create frenzy and excitement around behaviors that improve your situation – you’ll get what you reward. Think about your business from the customers’ and employee’s points of view to design policies and support systems that eliminate hurdles and reward “Good” behavior.

The Secret to Un-Freaking-Believable Customer Service and Employee Engagement:

Lessons from leading people, driving a billion dollar loyalty program for the world’s largest airline, and running the sales and service-delivery team who made a market in premium seats for the biggest names in Hollywood and the movie-studios that employed them. People want to be led – and I’ll prove it. Generating trust will get you to the finish line. Leaders must understand the importance of training and experience, and how they’re very different, but the right mix is critical. You’ll learn why the LAPD and Starwood Hotels care about effective training for their frontline employees and how those lessons can help your business.

Beyond Travel Risk Management For an Uncertain World:

Develop an armored attitude and learn how to get there and back. Enhanced survivability and target avoidance strategies. A popular, fun presentation people will remember and use everyday as they practice to become their own first responders.