My Hollywood Debut

Freedom to choose where we spend our time gives us powerful control. Recently a friend invited me to work with him in Beverly Hills on a press junket for Resident Evil 5. This is one of the cooler byproducts of that amazing trip. Click here to see My Hollywood Debut.

About the author. Paul Laherty is passionate about problem solving. Until recently Paul led the Americas Air and Hotel consulting teams at Advito, a travel management consulting company. Prior to Advito he managed teams in Sales, Marketing at Finance at American Airlines. Paul’s work at AA included supervising the global corporate contract team, working closely with large customers in Global Sales, and he managed the Los Angeles sales team where he met some very well-known customers. He also has experience in loyalty marketing, both business-to-business, and consumer. Paul managed American’s business loyalty program and he launched a loyalty credit card with American Express. He enjoys applying original research (he calls it Phynancial Fisics) to solve problems. Paul lives in Southlake, Texas with his wife and two daughters and flies a Cherokee 140 as often as time allows. He is active on Linkedin where you can view his detailed profile here:, follow him on twitter @Paul_Laherty or send questions to

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